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WEEK 29: LOCALIZATION: Neighborhoods plan for spring planting

The Compost Heap of the Revolution

So, what's a city girl to do when she wakes up one day and realizes that for her, this morning is pretty much like every morning, but for nearly everyone outside of a 15 mile radius from her small efficiency, life will change quickly and dramatically? What's the frequency, lead_tag? It's as though we're both feeling the disillusionment pull from opposite sides of the world.

Hearts and Seasons

And yet, that morning has repeated itself for me since those halcyon yesterdays of late April. Back in the Spring it seemed like most things would continue on apace for those of us on the gridwork quilted city blocks - just maybe a bit more expensively. But with the Winter settling in, I do kinda wonder about just how sick I am going to get of ramen noodles before Mother Nature's flights of fancy turn once more to chirping birds and things like lawn chairs are gracing front porches rather than parking spots. All I know is, Tlatchtga's dining on geese for the holiday, Sharon and Grace are like a breath of fresh air, and some peeps are finding new and efficient ways to go around and around in circles. So, how will the next warm season shake out? Will people remember what it's like to maintain their new, fledgling gardens? Have we really learned a lesson from this initial shock? Have we really shaken free of our old habits and learned behaviors?

Lookin' to get Schooled

I never did start a container garden. It would have died within days, because I simply do not have the space or the proper amount of time to keep it going. But next season, if I were to go ahead and rock out with some itty bitty tomatoes and things, what sort of primer would you offer? What sort of cost is involved in such a venture once you've been up and running? I've been reading so many great comments from people who are experiencing a deep satisfaction and accomplishments from their gardens. Heck, even entire cities are celebrating these changes - check out fieldsofclover's succinct and uplifting glimpse of a sign o' the times. Give us your best tips for when Springs rolls around again - what will you do differently? What's your secret to having a green thumb? How are the farmers coping? How many miles does your food have, as compared to a mere 6 or 7 months previously?

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