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Imagine eight people brought together by trouble: trapped together (with thousands of others) in the Denver airport by a blizzard. We had a lot of time on our hands. We talked. We bonded. Awww. How nice.

One thing we talked about a lot: how the Internet scoops the official media. It's real obvious in a crisis. In Denver, as in the Katrina disaster, people found the true story on the Internet. News stories and gumment bulletins can never hope to match the agility of citizen bloggers and mobloggers, nor their honesty of people talking one to another. Internet people are the real first responders today, the boots on the ground.

Now, here's the thing. We eight have come to believe that a crisis is coming – on April 30, to be precise. (An oil shock, or something to do with oil.) We have no proof – it's just something a guy said in an unguarded moment. He may have been putting us on. But we don't think so. We have decided to prepare.

We're getting this website ready to be the nerve center. Come here to get the day-by-day. And this will be the place to tell your story, about your life once the crisis hits. Nobody else can tell your story – you're the authority on that.

If it is an oil shock, no one is going to be unaffected. There will be disruption and suffering, and probably chaos. Having a place to connect with others is gonna be vital. We will be in it together. Nobody should suffer in silence.

– Chuckles, Gala_Teah, Gracesmom, Illiana_Speedster, Inky_Jewel, LocalBoy, Pachinko, YuckyMuck with Dessum9 and mPathytest

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WORLD WITHOUT OIL is a work of fiction. The collaborative alternate reality begins April 30.
Play it – before you live it.