World Without Oil
Exclusive Video! Small-Town Shortage
Gas Prices

IllianaSpeedster Last week, Inky_Jewel described the Petro Razor that's shaving off the inefficient systems we've grown accustomed to, particularly the suburbs. We commute to work. We buy food that travels ... MORE


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UPDATES:  'Petro Razor' slicing away at old habits and systems
TOP VIDEO:  "Exclusive Video! Small-Town Shortage" by kalwithoutoil
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UPDATES:  Superpower an anachronism?
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UPDATES:  Red Zones, FEMA Camps and the Heinberg Certainty Principle
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UPDATES:  Time to make lemonade out of lemons
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UPDATES:  Order is restored, but economy flatlining, famine looms
TOP VIDEO:  "Exclusive Video: Grocery Shopping Without Oil" by kalwithoutoil
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UPDATES:  Can't afford to buy it, can't afford not to
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UPDATES:  Airlines are struggling
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UPDATES:  Meanwhile, in the Red Zone, violence persists
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UPDATES:  Citizens at boiling point over Government Inaction
TOP VIDEO:  "Claiming the letter X" by peakprophet
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UPDATES:  Gasoline up again over $7; diesel near $5
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UPDATES:  Outages ripple across the country; 'no one is immune'
TOP IMAGE:  "Let's Play Walking Horse" by anda
TOP VIDEO:  "Stranded in the Netherlands" by Olympe
TOP BLOG:  "Uk goes back in time - starts rationing" by mia without oil
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